Moments of love, laughter & joy

Hi, my name is Andrea Burbidge. I'm currently living in Canning and have lived in the Annapolis Valley all my life. I love it here, the landscape is so diverse and changing all the time. I'm an observer in life. I often sit back and just watch life, taking photos in my mind. This shapes how I capture moments when I do have my camera in hand.

Real moments frozen in time is my biggest pleasure and challenge. A joyful baby crawling around on the floor and playing is magic. Pick him up and move him in front of a pretty backdrop and the magic can so easily be lost. There's no do overs when you miss the moment between a child and his/her dog

2011 brought me the opportunity to grow and that I'm very grateful to have. My focus is to grow as a photographer and I'm looking forward to meeting all my future clients that will contribute to this growth. I'm very lucky to have my husband Dave to support me and my business. He has been everything from a cloud during sessions to a second shooter during weddings.

I'd love the opportunity to contribute my eye and skills to contribute to your unique project. If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I welcome your questions and comments.

Cheers, Andrea

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